Tuesday, December 6, 2016

IQ, behaviors and life outcomes


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The source document is: Intelligence Research: Fifty Years of Satisfaction by Douglas K. Detterman

Among his observations in the original slide presentation:
Schools and teachers account for very little of the variance in academic achievement and should not be the focus of improving academic achievement

All psychological traits show significant and substantial genetic influence (with the caveat that no trait is 100% heritable)

Heritability is caused by many genes of small effect (no single silver bullet)

Fifty year forecast: The internet revolution and automation will continue at a quickening pace.
40% TO 60% of current jobs will disappear

A large portion of these jobs will be held by people with IQs less than 115 (85th percentile)
People who manage the flow of information will also be affected

Employment dislocation will be widespread and rapid

No more than 7% of variance between students can be attributed to schools and teachers.

It doesn't matter where you go to college

Human capital can only be improved by focusing on individual students and their capabilities, not by focusing on schools and teachers.

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