Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Birds of an IQ feather hang together

From The role of general intelligence in friendship selection: A study of preadolescent best friend dyads by Brian B Boutwell, et al. Abstract:
Research on the topics of general intelligence and friendship formation separately has elicited a tremendous amount of attention across decades of psychological scholarship. To date, however, less effort has been aimed at uniting these lines of inquiry. In particular, do friendship bonds emerge, based in part, on shared levels of cognitive ability? Several disparate lines of evidence suggest this might be the case, however, a need remains to replicate this work using large national samples coupled with psychometrically sound measurement. The current study helps to fill this void in the literature using a national sample of American children. Our results reveal that preadolescent friendship dyads are robustly correlated on measures of general intelligence, and the effects withstand correction for potentially confounding variables.
People hang out with people of a comparable cognitive ability. Every teen movie trope validated.

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