Sunday, June 5, 2016

Summer Youth

Working hard against some deadlines this weekend. I live inside Atlanta, very near the city center. Fortunately my home, and home office, face a forty acre nature preserve so, despite being only 15 minutes from any City event, I feel like I am in the country.

My work has had me focusing on AI, the internet, technology trends, how it is affecting society, politics and individuals, etc. Fascinating but not infrequently troubling stuff. Particularly the trends around government, corporate and mob censorship and free speech repression.

But while I sit at my desk in my office, wrestling with these weighty matters and periodically looking out at the woods, there have been two visual points of reassurance this weekend. First on Saturday and then on Sunday, two different pairs of young boys, perhaps 8-12 years old, go cycling by with disarticulated fishing poles strapped to their backs.

Good for them. Living a hot Georgia summer day going fishing in the local creek. I doubt they will catch much but that's an American summer childhood. Very reassuring. Norman Rockwell, we need your reinvigorating spirit.

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