Thursday, January 30, 2014

An idea so crazy it just might work!

Really just posting because such a great headline. Small, New University Does Something Radical -- Only Hires Professors Who Want To Teach And Only Admits Students Who Want To Learn by George Leef which Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit tags as "An idea so crazy it just might work!"

This is interesting though. I was recently talking with a person about the future sales and marketing needs of institutions of higher learning.
Naturally, UMR isn’t for everyone. The attrition rate for the first class (only 57 students) was nearly 25 percent. Too much work (most students report that they devote at least 35 hours per week to their studies, outside of class) and too little fun for quite a few.

At that point, most college administrators would have started thinking, “How can we change the school to retain more students?” Instead, Chancellor Lehmkuhle decided to improve the school’s marketing to the kind of student who’d be a good fit for the serious intellectual environment. That’s apparently working and UMR has grown to 475 students.

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