Friday, August 3, 2018

The countries with the greatest freedom and equality demonstrate the greatest gender reversion

Kind of a repetitive theme these days but it seems like it needs repeating as no one among the clerisy wish to listen.

From A Cross-National Study of Evolutionary Origins of Gender Shopping Styles: She Gatherer, He Hunter? by Charles Dennis, J. Joško Brakus, Gemma García Ferrer, Charles McIntyre, Eleftherios Alamanos and Tamira King. Seems too cutesy and too much of a teaser to be serious but it comports with other evidence. From the Abstract:
The authors investigate gender shopping styles across countries and explore whether differences between male and female shopping styles are greater than differences in shopping styles between consumers across countries. The study develops a conceptual model to test Eagly and Wood's (1999) convergence hypothesis. Applied to shopping, this predicts that men and women should become more similar in shopping styles as traditional gender-based divisions in wage labor and domestic labor disappear. The results of a survey on shopping behavior across 11 countries indicate that men and women are evolutionarily predisposed to different shopping styles. Counter to the convergence hypothesis, differences in shopping styles between women and men are greater in higher-gender-equality countries than in lower-gender-equality countries. Empathizing—the ability to tune into someone's thoughts and feelings—mediates shopping style more for women, while systemizing—the degree to which an individual possesses spatial skills—mediates shopping style more for men. Results suggest that gender-based retail segmentation is more strategically relevant than country-based segmentation. The authors discuss the implications of their findings for international marketing theory and practice.

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