Thursday, August 9, 2018

Cold Missouri Waters

Cold Missouri Waters by Cry Cry Cry about the Mann Gulch tragedy of 1949.

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Cold Missouri Waters
by Cry Cry Cry

My name is Dodge but then you know that

It's written on the chart there at the foot end of the of the bed
They think I'm blind that I can't read it
I've read it every word and every word it says is death
So confession Is that the reason that you came

Get it off my chest before I check out of the game
Since you mention it well there's thirteen things I'll name
Thirteen crosses high above the cold Missouri waters
August 49 North Montana

The hottest day on record the forest tinder dry
Lightning strikes in the mountains
I was crew chief at the jump base
I prepared the boys to fly
Pick the drop zone C47 comes in low
Feel the tap upon your leg that tells you go
See the circle of the fire down below

Fifteen of us dropped above the cold Missouri waters

Gauged the fire I'd seen bigger

So I ordered them to side hill we'd fight it from below

We'd have our backs to the river
We'd have it licked by morning even if we took it slow
But the fire crowned jumped the valley just ahead
There was no way down headed for the ridge instead
Too big to fight it we'd have to fight that slope instead

Flames one step behind above the cold Missouri waters
Sky had turned red smoke was boiling

Two hundred yards to saftey
Death was fifty yards behind
I don't know why I just thought it

I struck a match to waist high grass running out of time
Tried to tell them step into this fire I've set
We can't make it this is the only chance you'll get
But they cursed me
Ran for the rocks above instead

I lay face down and prayed above the cold Missouri waters

Then when I rose like the phoenix

In that world reduced to ashes
There was none but two survived

I stayed that night and one day after

Carried bodies to the river

Wondering how I stayed alive
Thirteen stations of the cross to mark their fall
I've had my say I'll confess to nothing more

I'll join them now those that they left me long before

Thirteen crosses high above the cold Missouri waters

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