Monday, March 27, 2017

Media Bias - Dog bites man story

A clear example of the media's subtle, or not so subtle, bias against conservatives and non-liberal people. On Saturday, there were pro-Trump marches across the country. At Huntington Beach in southern California, 2,000 pro-Trump marchers encountered 30 black-bloc Antifa Democratic Socialists of America counter-protesters. Some of the black-bloc Antifas attacked the pro-Trump marchers with pepper-spray and were in turn set upon by the pro-Trump marchers. Three of the Antifas were arrested for using pepper-spray and one was arrested for assault and battery.

The local left leaning, (but not so ideologically strident as the NYT and WaPo), Los Angeles Times headlined the incident:
Violence breaks out at pro-Trump rally in Huntington Beach
At best this is misleadingly ambiguous, leaving it unclear as to who caused the violence. "Pro-Trump rally attacked by Socialists" would have been clearer and less ambiguous, but that apparently would have been too clear.

But the LAT was a model of clarity compared with the Washington Post which headlined the incident:
A pro-Trump rally ended up with a man getting beaten with a ‘Make America Great Again’ sign
which leaves the distinct impression that the Pro-Trump marchers were the instigators of violence.

An AP poll has only 6% of American's trusting in the media a great deal, Pew has it at 18%, Gallup has it at 8%. With headlines like these, is it any wonder?

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