Friday, March 16, 2018

She mysteriously suffered a concussion and neck injury

Fascinating. From Allison Stanger Appearances Show Faculty Rift by Sabine Poux. Poux is a student journalist writing for the school paper at Midllebury. The backstory is Stanger's hosting a year ago of a public presentation with which postmodernist social justice authoritarians disagreed. They shouted down the presentation and then physically attacked Stranger and her guest as they left the public forum, causing severe injury to Stanger.

How is this described by Poux?
Stanger was scheduled to moderate a Q&A session after Murray’s lecture. Due to the protests, the lecture never took place, and the two instead engaged in a Q&A which was broadcasted to the college via live stream. When the two left the venue, Stanger suffered a concussion and neck injury.
Classic passive voice. She wasn't attacked and injured by leftwing tolerance loving, diversity embracing, social justice fanatics. Instead, she mysteriously suffered a concussion and neck injury.

Poux seems a proficient practitioner of smothering the truth and hiding it from the great unwashed.

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