Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Americans, not an identity Borg

This is one of the more repellent arguments I have seen in a long time though I understand the logical basis from which the author starts: What If All The Poor People Were Gone? by Jeffrey Carter.

I think it is indefensible from on an evidentiary basis as well as logically unsound, particularly the non sequitur
How do we change it? We know increasing government programs and government spending doesn’t work. The way to change it is the free enterprise system. It’s the only way.
I don't disagree that the free enterprise system is the best way forward.

What I disagree with is Carter's adoption in his article of identity politics, the language of Reform Marxists. There is no such thing as The Poor. There is no such static group of people with a singular mass characteristic. There are people who are poor temporarily. There are people who are chronically poor. There are people who are poor through their own actions and decisions. There are people who are victims of circumstance.

What there isn't, is The Poor.

Reform Marxists have all sorts of foolish ideas which have to be rebutted or addressed. But we don't need to adopt the dehumanizing identity language of the Left. These are, after all, fellow citizens, fellow Americans. Deracinating them of their individualism serves no useful purpose.

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