Wednesday, June 15, 2016

His command of the subject is outrun by his ambitions

As an atheist of Islamic background, Razim Khan is very controversial to the Left. The oddity of that statement reflecting the morass of contradictions in our current popular discourse.

He generally writes from a distinct, even idiosyncratic viewpoint and therefore is well worth reading in that he introduces new data and new perspectives, whether amenable to one's own views or not. He is also a good writer.

From There Is No Exception in Islam by Razib Khan, I liked this phrasing.
But there are weaknesses to Harris’ methods, and his grasp of facts for his rationality engine to operate upon can sometimes be lacking (this is unfortunately a general problem with being a dilettante, which I would know, but it also doesn’t excuse people from taking Harris too seriously on topics where his command of the subject is outrun by his ambitions).

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